Lunes 6 y martes 7 de noviembre

3:00 a 6:30 pm

Angel Carracedo

Bases de la interpretación estadística de los resultados y de su comunicación

Lunes 13, martes 14 y miércoles 15 de noviembre

3:00 a 6:30 pm

Thore Egeland

Statistical Methods and Software for
Forensic Genetics


Dr. Ángel Carracedo, Universidad de Santiago Compostela.
Dr. Thore Egeland, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Oslo University Hospital.


Ángel Carracedo: "Bases de la interpretación estadística de los resultados y  de su comunicación".


  1. Filosofía de la interpretación.
  2. Principales falacias y errores en la comunicación.
  3. Otros problemas de interpretación: Mutaciones, población de referencia, etc.


  1. Avances en Genética forense: SNPs y aplicaciones. NGS y aplicaciones forenses.
  2. Fenotipado forense por ADN (ancestralidad, características físicas y edad).

Thore Egeland: “Statistical Methods and Software for Forensic Genetics”.

Programa: The workshop will focus both on the theory and on the applications of forensic genetics. I will start with the basic principles of inheritance and how likelihoods for pedigrees can be calculated. These likelihoods are needed for likelihood ratio (LR) calculations and we will discuss important properties of likelihood ratio tests in general. This includes a discussion of the distributions of the LR that one can expect, and how to use and interpret these distributions including possible interpretational pitfalls. Applications include relationship inference, (paternity testing is the most common example), disaster victim identification, and crime cases based on mixtures.
Lunes: Basic genetics and statistics. LR properties.
Martes: Applications and demonstration of software.
Miércoles: Exercises. Participants can choose their mixture of theoretical exercises, Familias (freely available from, see also exercises or R exercises based on the Familias (R version), paramlink and relMix libraries.